How to taste honey

Orange honey

The orange honey has a strong floral aroma that goes well with desserts. A honey that goes well with fish, both raw and cooked. This honey is valued used cold to sweeten and flavor the yogurt, whipped cream and desserts, cream, mascarpone or ricotta. Indicated with string cheese at different ripening: mozzarella, provolone cheese, smoked cheese. This honey is especially tasty when used in a cool summer drink with citrus peel or chopped mint leaves. Particularly suitable to sweeten tea.

Chestnut honey

The bitter taste and strong aroma of chestnut honey does not make it suitable to sweeten, but to add seasoning, flavor or, better yet, consumption as it is, on bread, possibly with butter. It 'a honey recommended with seasoned cheese. Particularly suitable roasts, especially meat strong, which gives, used in the right amount, a special aroma and discreet appreciated even by those who do not like the contrasts of sweet and salty.

Eucalyptus honey

The eucalyptus honey is ideal for dishes with herbs. Particularly suitable in the preparation of savory dishes, for example to enrich vinaigrette mixed salad or sauces made with butter. The taste of toffee reminiscent, in its appealing to children who find it tasty spread on sandwiches with butter.

Millefiori honey

It 'a honey versatile, characterized by different shades, much appreciated and suitable for all uses. The traditional uses in the kitchen is great with hot drinks, and spread on bread. It combines to fresh cheese springs, Squaquerone and Taleggio.

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