• 66 medium eggs
  • 120 g sugar + 2 tablespoons coffee
  • 500g mascarpone
  • 400g Savoiardi Chef
  • Coffee q.b to wet the sponge
  • Cocoa powder to taste to sprinkle the tiramisu
  • Chocolate chips


Divide the egg whites from the yolks, add the egg yolks and half the sugar with an electric mixer fitted with whisk until you get a nice frothy and creamy. Add the mascarpone mixture of egg yolks, then we assemble the egg whites with an electric mixer, and when they are semi-mounted, add the other half of the sugar in rain and continue beating until they are until stiff. After mounting the egg whites add them to the mixture of egg yolks, sugar and mascarpone. Do this gently, stirring from bottom upwards, with a spoon so as not to remove the egg whites.

Now that the cream is ready, disponetene in one pan, pass the biscuits in the coffee being careful not to soak too, then arrange them in the pan.

Place a tablespoon of cream over the ladyfingers, level the cream and cover with another layer of ladyfingers soaked in coffee if the first you have them arranged vertically, place them horizontally (and vice versa), level well and sprinkle with cocoa powder . Sprinkle the surface of the pan with some curls of chocolate. Store in refrigerator for a few hours to shrink the sweet

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