Panettone with whole wheat flour and blackberries - Handly wrapped - 750g

Panettone with whole wheat flour and candied blackberries, without sultanas and candied citrus fruits peels. The Panettone with wheat flour Chiostro di Saronno is produced according to the traditional recipe and criteria, through a slow and natural leavening and all ingredients, from flour to milk, eggs to butter, candied fruit to yeast, are of natural origin strictly fresh and genuine, free of preservatives and colourant.


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Chiostro di Saronno

Our Panettone with whole wheat and blackberries is the right choice for those who pay attention to well-being, without sacrificing taste and goodness. Let yourself be surprised by its taste.

Natural leavening oven-baked product.


wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, candied blackberries 13% (blackberries, glucose-fructose syrup, lemon juice concentrate), egg yolk, milk, natural yeast (wheat), whole wheat flour 2,5%, wheat bran 2%, emulsifiers: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, honey, glucose syrup, salt, cocoa butter, flavourings. May contain nuts and soy.

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Chiostro di Saronno

History and tradition

Chiostro di Saronno

PanettoneWith its characteristic shape, Panettone is the specialty Christmas cake of Milan with an ancient and noble tradition. Technically is is a type of sweet bread loaf ; It is made during a long process that involves the curing of the dough, which is acidic, similar to sourdough. The proofing process alone takes several days, giving the cake its distinctive fluffy characteristics. It contains candied orange, citron, and lemon zest, as well as raisins, which are added dry and not soaked. Many other variations are available such as plain or with chocolate. It is served in slices, vertically cut, accompanied with sweet hot beverages or a sweet wine. Legend would have in that at the end of the fourteenth century a pastry maker from the court of visconti wanted to bake a cake for his sweetheart, but during the preparation something went wrong and the dough rose out of all proportion. In this manner the panettone was born, a delicious recipe reproduced by Our Company, a fluffy delicacy for kindling the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

Chiostro di Saronno

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